Raccorderie TAA's understanding of automotive sector requirements derives from a deep know-how, matured working every day alongside our customers in the development of new projects.
Manufacturing technology

Raccorderie TAA produces fittings by machining from bars and forgings, processing a wide range of materials, such as high-speed steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

Raccorderie TAA incorporate into the production cycle heat and surface treatments, sealant applications, grinding, welding and brazing.

Products co-design

We provide customer support for products development according to design specifications. We work along customers to always research for the best technical-economic solution, thanks to our experience with major OEMs, starting from the feasibility phase, to meet for each project performance, dimensional and productive requirements.

Production management

On-time deliveries are guaranteed by a fully connected production plant compliant with Industry 4.0, every single production process is planned and tracked via MES with constant monitoring of each index.

All production process phases are automated with robotic handling devices and automatic shavings management with oil recovery and filtration, guaranteeing high efficiency in managing production volumes and quality.

Production equipment

Latest generation machinery ensures maximum flexibility, allowing to machine diameters from 5 to 65 mm, with quantities sweeping from prototype batches to large production volumes:

  • CNC multi-spindles
  • Swiss type lathes
  • CNC lathes double-spindles with three turrets
  • CNC and mechanical TRANSFERS, complete with robotic handling devices
  • Washing systems
  • TIG, wire and braze welding stations

Production continuity is ensured by twins back-up machines.

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