Developed in co-design with the OEMs

Carbon steel, stainless steel and brass mechanical valves, utilised to keep fluids under pressure, complete Raccorderie TAA product portfolio.

Our engineering department profits of several already developed solutions to co-design and support our customers selecting the best material based on working conditions, according to fluid type and system pressure.

A fully integrated solution, from design to production, assembling, testing and marking.


Raccorderie Taa guarantees the highest level of technical support thanks to its ability to work alongside the customer from the initial design phase and to perform CFD/FEM analysis, in order to identify any critical application issues and optimize the project in relation to costs from the prototyping phase.


Raccorderie TAA's vocation is to offer a complete service to the customer, for this reason in addition to product validation tests, we are able to perform 100% functional tests on the produced valves, by verifying the functional parameters to ensure the correct functioning of each individual batch, according to product specifications.