Fuel rails

For gasoline and CNG applications
Gasoline & CNG rails

Fuel rails are used to carry the right amount of fuel to the injectors a strategic part of the injection system, which has to be designed specifically for each engine.

Raccorderie TAA has a well consolidated experience supplying CNG and gasoline fuel rails to the main commercial vehicle OEMs.

Production & testing

Fuel rails can be designed in several configurations, machined from tube, forged or solid billet. For the latter solution, Raccorderie Taa has developed its own patent design.

Raccorderie Taa can provide welded or machined solutions, with different materials according to the compatibility with the fluids involved.

The production of rails is 100% tested to verify the leakage absence of assembled component, through pressure immersion tests and high-pressure air tests.


Raccorderie Taa offers traceability service for produced gasoline and CNG rails by means of a marking that certifies their conformity.

Part traceability is achieved through a unique laser-marked code directly on the rail fastening bracket, so that each part or process involved in the construction of the components can be traced.