Pursuant to European Directive 2019/1937 and Legislative Decree 24/2023, in order to prevent and deter violations of the public interest, the internal market, the environment, health, animal protection and welfare regulations, as well as environmental crimes and unlawful activities, Atos has established channels and procedures for the internal reporting of unlawful conduct (so-called whistleblowing), with a view to further strengthening the fairness and transparency of its business activities. 

Who can report   

The procedure is dedicated to all those who are connected to Raccorderie TAA by virtue of an employment or self-employment contract, its shareholders, members of the administrative, management or supervisory body, and anyone employed under the supervision and direction of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers of Raccorderie TAA.                                              

What should be reported   

The object of the report may be a conduct that the reporting individual may consider against:

(a) national or European Union regulations;

b) the Code of Ethics adopted by Raccorderie TAA;

c) more generally, the provisions and principles relating to the protection of fundamental freedoms and human rights, the environment, public health, consumer protection, product safety and conformity, and privacy.

How to report   

Raccorderie TAA has designed and put in place a reporting channel that will be managed securely and in such a way to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the reporting individual and the protection of any third parties named in the report. 

Reports may be sent:

(i) by registered letter to the address of Raccorderie TAA S.p.A., Via Barro n. 52, Invorio (NO);

(ii) by paper mail, to be deposited in the ad hoc box provided by Raccorderie TAA S.p.A., located at the company's premises;

(iii) by means of a direct meeting with the Receiving Manager, to be requested by the reporting party using one of the channels described above.

In the case of reports made in the manner set out in (i) and (ii) above, the reporting person shall enclose in a sealed envelope two further sealed envelopes, the first of which shall contain the identifying details of the reporting person together with an identification document and the second of which shall contain the subject matter of the report.

Reports will be received by an impartial and competent receiving officer who will ensure strict confidentiality of the reporting person's identity and any other information from which his or her identity may be directly or indirectly deduced. Access to the whistleblowing channel by unauthorised persons will be prevented and not allowed.

The whistleblower will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the whistleblower's report within seven days from the date of receipt by the receiving officer.

The report will be acknowledged within a period not exceeding three months from the date of receipt of the report.

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